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Shield Eagle and Monogram. 
By Modal tampang

On all versions, I love how this designer is thinking, the way he combines the eagle with a shield, and somehow he manages to put the letter “S” on the bottom, and the overall looks so awesome.

Let’s say we are the client,
We need a logo for a security company named: “eagles security” which is based in the USA. Name of the company is “Security We want to be traditional as a possible design

1. I love the minimal look on this shield, but the visual of the “shield” lost a bit on the visual which this leads to 2

2. Number 2 is the winner for me, the design got stars plus the shield visual is a lot stronger from a number “1” which for a security company is very important, picture it this logo on a uniform, it will look pretty sick.

3. If I chose overall logo number 3 is my favorite, but for this brief, we got this out, is not traditional as the others’ plus that shield is just too minimal and futuristic, so I’m afraid this is out

4. This design got no shield, and the letters “s” is not clear enough, base on the other design got less of characteristic.

Tell use which one is your favorite?